Family Forgiveness and Vayechi

This week we are in the last Torah portion of the book of Genesis and the last story of Joseph.  And in this weeks Torah portion the patriarch Jacob dies. And Joseph's brothers are worried that Joseph may still hold a grudge for all the pain they caused him. So the brothers go to him and they fling themselves before him and they say and say, "we are prepared to be your slaves," but Joseph says to them "have no fear, although you intended me harm, God intended it for good, so as to bring out the present result which is the survival of many people. 

Torah portion gives a very clear message on the importance of family forgiveness. I’m sure we have all had times in our lives where someone in our family has angered us. Family is forever, and there are not too many people in our lives who love us unconditionally. Forgiveness is important and by taking ourselves less seriously, it becomes easier to forgive another.

When it comes to family, the ability to forgive is crucial. Family is permanent, and having the strength to forgive is rewarding for all.

In this weeks portion we are reminded that, years earlier, Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery and told their father that Joseph had been killed. Jacob, Joseph’s father, was devastated, and Joseph became a slave in Egypt before ultimately rising to extreme power.  Joseph forgives his brothers for their cruel act. Jacob also forgives all his sons for their cruel deception. This is a powerful Torah story with a very relevant message for life today.