Vayeishev: Dare to Be Different


Last year during this week’s torah Portion I got a very random text message from my father. In this text message he told me a story about my great grandfather. My dad said that my great grandfathers motto equated to dare to be different. My dad told me that I reminded him a lot of his grandfather. So that’s what I want to talk about today “dare to be different”

Joseph is described by our great sage Rashi as someone who dressed his hair, he touched up his eyes so that he should appear good-looking. So Even Rashi thought Joseph was different and Joseph was someone who dared to be different. Not only that this bad boy Joseph dared to dream but his dreams got him into trouble

In this Torah portion, it is clear that Jacob favors Joseph, and this angers Joseph’s brothers. Joseph has a dream where he predicts reigning over his brothers. This pisses them off and  The brothers decide to sell Joseph into slavery in Egypt. Because Joseph dared to be different he finds himself imprisoned not once but twice.

Can you imagine sitting in prison for daring to be different and for daring to dream big. But  Joseph never lost sight of his dreams and he never lost faith in God’s plan for him. And he eventually he becomes the most powerful man in Egypt second only to the pharoh and I would argue more powerful than pharaoh.  He saves his family and the jewish people from starvation and famine. My point here, simple dare to be different and Dream big because you never know it may be part of God’s plan.

Sometimes it is really hard to see the plan that God has in store for us.  Before I close I want to ask you In what ways are you like Joseph and how do you dare to be different?