Noah and Faith

I love it when my Jewish Anniversary falls on the Torah portion Noach. On October 13, 2004, I converted to Judaism and the Torah portion for that week was Noach. So, there is a special place in my heart for this week’s Torah portion.

In this week’s Torah portion God tells Noah to build an enormous Ark. God instructs Noah to build this Ark because God is going to destroy the world with a massive flood. Now keep in mind that Noah probably lives nowhere near water and I’m sure he thought “This is a Crazy idea!” but on faith and faith alone Noah builds the Ark as God has instructed him to do so.

That’s what I want to discuss about today. The idea of Faith. The idea that when you know in your heart that you must do something, or you must go somewhere or even if it seems as crazy as building an enormous Ark.

Faith is to have the courage to pioneer to do something new, to venture out into the unknown, and to maybe be the first from your group to take the road few have traveled on. Faith is the courage to take a risk, to begin a journey to a distant destination knowing that there will be hazards and road blocks along the way, and knowing also that God is with you along the way and giving us strength. Strength to forge ahead.

I think it is hard sometimes for people to listen to their inner voice or to do things on faith because faith is not about certainty but the courage to live with uncertainty.

Noah had faith, enough faith to build a large ark even though he knew, “This is a crazy idea!” I converted to Judaism I

Think about it, I’m queer, black, a convert to Judaism and wanted to become a rabbi. Yes a queer, black, female, convert to Judaism rabbi and like Noah I went on faith and faith alone that I would be shown the way and I have been.

Shabbat Shalom